A very good client of ours brought his Special Edition 1986 Ford Quadratrack 4WD Van in to us here at Mike’s Truck Bay Area.  Some of you may know this Van as Hank the Happy Tank AKA ‘The Black Duck”. You may or may not be aware of this but there is a Facebook page with more than 35 likes (www.facebook.com/hankhappytank) photo journaling some of the Van’s adventures. As you can see, this 1 Ton Diesel has quite a bit of wear and use that needs to be re-aligned to put this Van back to it’s youth. Well Mike’s Truck Bay Area is just the right place for that. When we’re done with it, it will be back to being the Off-Road monster Van it once was!

The Goal: Make it like new.
Fix all rust and corrosion inside and out.

PHASE I: After identifying rust and weak areas, we remove the mirrors, accessories, bumpers & roof rack. All rust and corrosion is sand blasted and/or sanded off. That nasty drip rail is re-welded. Holes are patch welded. Seams are made smooth. The whole exterior is scuffed & cleaned up for PHASE II.

PHASE II: Mask out & primer gray the surface. Next, apply a coat of paint color Polyurea See details here: mikestruck.org/?p=

PHASE III: Put everything back together and take some glamour shots!

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