Mike’s Truck of Bay Area just completed refurbishing a set of emergency bridges for the Union City Water Treatment Plant Emergency Bridges saved from Elements. Water proofing these bridges with one Polyurea application permanently seals the structure from moisture and guarantees that these bridges will never rust. Never rusting means never deteriorating.

These bridges were sitting in their Equipment yard in Union city. The bridges had been exposed to the elements for years because the paint had already broken down allowing rust to soon take over. Re-coating these structures made economical sense over replacing.

Polyurea material is a heated sealing process that dries instantly when applied. It is particularly useful for iron, steel, metal surfaces that need to be protected from rust and the elements. In this application, the bridges are stripped by sand blasting and taken into the spray booth. After waterproofing with Polyurea, a non-slip surface is installed. The result is an amazing non-skid waterproof finish that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Polyurea can be applied in any color to match your situation.

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