• Line-X roof of bus
  • IMG_0015
  • IMG_0014
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    The seam was leaking
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    All caulking was removed
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    Extensive crack went the length of the roof
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    The bus goes into the 35' spray booth
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    Scuff and clean
  • University of Santa Clara Bus
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    mask areas not to be treated
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    Ready for application
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    Scaffolding to reach the top of the bus
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    Drape and mask off finished areas
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
  • Santa Clara University Bus gets Line-X'd
    Line-X seals it up for GOOD!

Mike’s Truck & Line-X Bay Area permanently resolved a leak in the roof of a University of Santa Clara Team Bus.

The University of Santa Clara Team bus had leaked before and the solution was to apply caulking to the seam – you can see in the photos – the line that runs the length of the roof. To properly fix the leak, all of the caulking had to be removed and the roof scuffed. Then the entire bus was masked off to protect any areas from overspray.

Line-X is THE PERFECT SOLUTION for water-proofing because it is SIX TIMES more flexible than caulking and can be stretched 600% without failing. Guaranteed to not leak! PERFECT for the roof on a rolling, flexing bus or any RV roof repair.

As you can see, this is a very large size job, but we have the facilities to accommodate! The bus was brought into our 35 foot spray booth so that the material is sprayed in one application. After it’s sprayed it takes just a few seconds for the Line-X material to dry. It dries solid and seals out any moisture. It’s a thick indelible finish that will NEVER leak again!

Do you have something that needs to be protected from the elements?
Seal out leaks with one application of Line-X!


IMG_0001This is no ordinary truck… atleast NOT anymore!!

This BEAUTIFUL 2014 Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel came in to our shop and just a few days later it left with a Line-X bed liner installed and was transformed into a custom LIFTED BEAUTY with custom painted wheels!! at our Mike’s Truck and Line-X Bay Area shop in Hayward.

ALL the truck accessories AND the installation were completed at Mike’s Truck & Line-X Bay Area in Hayward.

6″ Pro Comp Suspension Lift Kit
MBRP Exhaust
Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares
37″ Mickey Thompson ATZ tires
20″ XD Rockstar 2 Rims custom painted to match the white
AMP Research Power Hideaway Step (‘roop’ sound not included)

What were you thinking of changing on your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, etc… ?

Mike’s Truck Accessories provided protection to the underside of the fenders and running-boards coating with Line-X Platinum. This 1937 Ford Hotrod is being built from scratch and Line-X Platinum is the latest formulation of Line-X that is 300% stronger than Standard Line-X. These parts are now protected from rocks and road hazards for the life of this car.

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1937 Ford Hot Rod

Mike’s Truck Accessories puts a smile on this 2001 Chev truck. Truck has been lifted, shocks, tires, and truck bed updated with Line-X Premium liner. With this truck you will need a ladder or an electronic step. The truck sits 43″ high at the floor of the cab.

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Mike’s Truck works on lots of different projects. The new year brings lots of projects in – including this 1958 Cadillac Hearse. This Caddy had a vinyl roof that was worn, torn, and non-existent. Mike’s Truck performs emergency surgery on the Hearse car roof in Jan 2014.

A whole lotta protection

A whole lotta protection

Check out Line-X in today’s USA Today.   Pickup owners spray the whole truck with bedliner plastic on USAToday.com: http://usat.ly/1e4HDx

The spray-in bedliner industry is starting to find a new business opportunity among pickup owners who are having the whole truck covered in the vinyl-like substance, not just the cargo box.

The trend is still fairly young. Line-X spokeswoman Cristin Liveoak says its franchisees around the country report that they’re getting sporadic requests for a total body spray job. The “craze” hasn’t been as much of a surprise as it as been “a natural progression” of the bedliner business.

Not just pickups are getting the treatment. Some customers have brought in golf carts, tractors, ATVs or other off-road vehicles for the all-over job, she says. Some don’t just go for a mundane dark gray but rather choose a desert tan to give the vehicle a military look. It helps that customers have taken to flat, or matte, paint tones in the past few years to give their vehicles a more sinister appearance than traditional glistening paint jobs.