Mike’s Truck & Spray-On Bedliners Bay Area permanently resolved a leak in the roof of a University of Santa Clara Team Bus.

The University of Santa Clara Team bus had leaked before and the solution was to apply caulking to the seam – you can see in the photos – the line that runs the length of the roof. To properly fix the leak, all of the caulking had to be removed and the roof scuffed. Then the entire bus was masked off to protect any areas from overspray.

Polyurea is THE PERFECT SOLUTION for water-proofing because it is SIX TIMES more flexible than caulking and can be stretched 600% without failing. Guaranteed to not leak! PERFECT for the roof on a rolling, flexing bus or any RV roof repair.

As you can see, this is a very large size job, but we have the facilities to accommodate! The bus was brought into our 35 foot spray booth so that the material is sprayed in one application. After it’s sprayed it takes just a few seconds for the material to dry. It dries solid and seals out any moisture. It’s a thick indelible finish that will NEVER leak again!

Do you have something that needs to be protected from the elements?
Seal out leaks with one application of Polyurea!

Brand new $60k commercial work truck and the ceiling leaks soaking expensive tools and supplies. What? Work truck roof repair is required immediately. This vehicle is out of commission until this is resolved.

RVs and trucks similar to this have roofs that are designed to walk on – for viewing or holding extra equipment. The roof area, introduces a couple new challenges.

Most important the roof must be a waterproof. Second, it should provide some slip resistance. It is dangerous to walk on a roof that is wet and third, with all the flexing an RV or truck is subjected to going down the road it must not crack or peel. Last, it should add support when people are standing on it.

Maintaining a waterproof, slip resistant roof able to stand up against extreme temp changes requires new technology.
Roof Leaks

To solve the leaking roof we used Polyurea because of the unique properties it presents. For example, excellent adhesion, elongation, and stability under harsh conditions make Polyurea the prefect product to seal and protect an RV or truck roof. Polyurea along with already mentioned properties will also bring stability and adds strength to thin metal sheets.

Completed Roof

To solve the slippery surface Mike’s Truck of Bay Area used “shark bite” that was fused into the Polyurea. The additional grip makes walking on a wet roof do-able. This same technique has been used to coat Rollup Passenger Ramps for both Oakland and San Francisco airports. It was also used to coat foot areas of S.W.A.T vehicles, Crab boats, step bars, K9 Police Cars and Fire truck access areas.

The water leak on this work truck was identified at the support beam welded to the center seam running from front to the back. The entire beam was caulked with waterproof caulk to keep water out at the factory!
Shark Bite Close Up

Waterproof roof was installed by Mike’s Truck in Hayward using Rhino Lining. The project started by sanding to remove any rust, coat with primer and finally install a new UV stable Rhino Lining coating. This material is flexible and waterproof and will remain “new” looking for the life of this vehicle. Rhino Lining properties make them an excellent choice for Recreational Vehicle roofs, Van, Decks, Houseboats, Sailboats, Yachts and Trucks which is UV stable, flexible, and waterproof.





Mike’s Truck works on lots of different projects. The new year brings lots of projects in – including this 1958 Cadillac Hearse. This Caddy had a vinyl roof that was worn, torn, and non-existent. Mike’s Truck performs emergency surgery on the Hearse car roof in Jan 2014.