Alameda K9 Car Receives Upgrade

Mike’s Truck of Bay Area was tasked with improving Rin Tin Tin’s office. Rin had a habit of tearing up the rubber floor weekly. He also liked the fact the rear portion of the front seat was accessible when he was bored. The solution was to remove the rubber flooring material and coat it with Polyurea.

Alameda K9 Patrol Car into Shop at Mike’s Truck

Alameda K9 Patrol Car

Rin Tin Tin takes a Break? Not!

Rin seldom takes a break, however! Here, Rin works on his take down skills in front of Mike’s Truck of Bay Area while his office is being renovated.

Rin and Billy

Taping is done – Prime and Coat!

Alameda K9 Patrol

Upgrade is Complete

Rin still has plenty of traction with the texture coating that was applied at Mike’s Truck of Bay Area. Now if Rin Tin Tin is able to eat this floor – Let’s just say Houston we have a problem! 

Upgrade complete