Rhino Lining invalid Warranty?

    WAAAAT??? When this bed liner was installed, it had a lifetime warranty. Fast forward 6 years. When they saw their truck’s Rhino Lining bed liner was crumbling and exposing the surface it was supposed to be protecting – naturally they went back to the store that installed it to get it fixed. To their surprise they were turned away. The warranty was invalid because he used his truck commercially. But the corporate website advertises applications for “Construction Vehicles”. Needless to say, you can imagine how he felt.

    That’s when he turned to Mike’s Truck & Line-X of Bay Area. The Bay Area’s Crisis Center. In the photos you can see the cracked and peeling Rhino Lining that we removed. Once that was done we applied a lifetime warrantied coat of Line-X material. After the Line-X bed liner is installed, Mike’s Truck & Line-X will stand behind the product’s lifetime warranty — whether the truck is used for personal or commercial use. You can count on Mike’s Truck to come through with your best truck accessories and LINE-X!

    How is your bed liner holding up? Comment to us on Twitter @mikestrucklinex.

    Mike’s Truck & LINE-X, Line-X of Bay Area, and Line-X of Silicon Valley are dedicated to your truck accessories and bed liner needs. Tailgate with us at the next SF 49er or Oakland Raider game!