For this fun project we did a couple weeks ago, an engineering team wanted us to coat the projects they had been working on with polyurea! The main project was for the exterior of their all electric self-driving car that they have made with styrofoam. The fun little side projects they did were a sculpture of a unicorn and dinosaur that were also made with styrofoam! The engineer’s plan was to build an all electric self-driving car that would drive around San Francisco with a unicorn and dinosaur attached to it. The thing is, styrofoam is a somewhat fragile, but also a light material so the engineers wanted a way to make their projects more durable, so what better way is it to do than the Mike’s Truck way?   That’s where we step in and give them our expertise. Our team was able to take their project to the next level adding durability and color to their project. The first step we did was a base coat of polyurea in the color white.  After that, we did a second layer top coat of polyurea to their respective colors. You can turn polyurea into any color of your choosing and also, the great part about polyurea is that it can make something so light and fragile, so resilient just by adding a coat. It won’t add bulk nor deform whatever it is coated on! The engineers chose a lime green finish for their dinosaur, a lavender finish for the unicorn, and a regular black finish for their self-driving car. Were you able to catch the car driving itself  around San Francisco with a purple unicorn and a green dinosaur on it? Come down to Mike’s Truck and Spray-On Bedliners and get whatever your heart desires to be coated, and we can coat anything and we mean anything!

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