LINE-X Warranty is Lifetime. I think we have all had issues with warranty at one point in our lives in which the fine print becomes Large and Bold. Listen, I hate to tell you, but your item is not covered under warranty.

Let me move off topic for a moment. I purchased a boat and paid extra for the extended warranty on the motor. Long story short, the motor blows. Take the boat to the dealership I purchased the boat from for evaluation. The mechanic says the motor failure was caused by a bad valve seat. The metal fragments from the valve seat traveled through the motor and pretty much destroyed it. Well the fine print covered some parts of the motor and not THE MOTOR failing.

Back on topic – here’s a lifetime warranty story that means exactly that. If the bedliner fails its covered PERIOD. And it’s covered at any franchise nationwide.

This customer purchased his LINE-X in Nevada in 2007 for his 1987 El Camino. Shortly afterwards he moves to California and garaged the vehicle. Several months later he notices a small blister.BedlinerBubbled this blister as well as others start showing up all over his truck bed. Thinking that he would have to drive to Nevada for repairs – he lives with it.

Now flash forward to April 2014 – this customer decides he wants to sell his El Camino and digs out his warranty and reads – Lifetime Warranty Nationwide! and calls LINE-X of Bay Area. I tell him to bring his vehicle by for an evaluation and pictures. I send out the photos and within minutes obtain authorization. Another long story short – I call the customer back to tell him the news. Listen, your El Camino is covered – drop it off when you can and we will have it done in a week.Total Removal
New Bedliner