We had a customer come in this week needing a quote to fix a bedliner issue installed by a reputable shop. Note, this shop has been in business in the SF Bay Area for a long time and has worked with dealers, body shops and customers. This problem has been a literal nightmare for the customer for the last 2 years. This shop has been reported to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, State of California to help resolve this. Line-X of Bay Area has been tasked to resolve this. Background, This lady has taken her truck back to have the bed liner repaired – ELEVEN TIMES.

Run with the Big-Dogs - stick with Line-X

Run with the Big-Dogs – stick with Line-X

Each time the product would fail after a month or two and then back for another round of fixes. One other note, the picture below shows how much product a customer actually receives when one selects a Line-X copycat. This truck bed bed liner actual thickness is 20-30 mils and the price the customer was charged – $450 cash(had to be cash). We at Line-X of Bay Area and Line-X of Silicon Valley spray SIX times this amount making the bedliner – 125 mils thick(1/8 inch).

Line-X copy-cat fails in more than one area.

Line-X copy-cat fails in more than one area.

Next time you shop for a custom bedliner – Are you really getting a deal? Is that $100 savings really a savings? Stop in, we have been in business installing truck accessories since 1983. Mike’s Truck has been featuring Line-X since 1992. There is a difference we hear it from our customers – Check our Reviews Silicon Valley Yelp. Check our Line-X Bay Area reviews Bay Area Yelp. Check Ripoff Report Rip Off Report Click-Here.