LINE-X used for waterproofing retaining walls on Mill Valley Homes

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Your house is an investment that can create money-saving benefits indoors and outdoors. Whether you are looking to insulate, reduce noise, waterproof or save time and money from water sealing and painting each year. LINE-X used for waterproofing retaining walls on Mill Valley Homes.

Line-X primer used on retaining wall, before the line-X is sprayed.


Line-X applied to wall for the ultimate in waterproofing. Looking for money-saving benefits for your home?

LINE-X® has home improvement solutions that can save you money and enhance your home.

Whether you are looking to insulate, reduce noise, waterproof, or repair a cracked garage or patio floor, LINE-X coatings can do the job.

In many parts of the country, LINE-Xis the best known waterproof decking solution. Local contractors specify LINE-X by name in their plans and build decks to the proven standards that ensure a complete long lasting

solution for the homeowner.

Damp basements are a frequent complaint of homeowners. A majority of new homes develop basement

leaks within 10 to 15 years, largely due to the concrete foundation. Because concrete is porous, water can easily permeate deep into cracks and pores causing damage. The best way to prevent water from eroding and penetrating concrete is to seal any pores and cracks with a waterproof membrane on the outside of the foundation.

LINE-X developed XS-310 to meet all three characteristics of an effective waterproofing solution while providing the same toughness and elastic qualities that exemplify the LINE-X brand.
Applying LINE-X XS-310 forms a single waterproofing barrier.XS-310 is a unique formulation designed to penetrate and seal small cracks that could allow water to seep past lesser materials.
Additionally, LINE-X XS-310 has a high elasticity which allows it to adjust to
a settling foundation without cracking– essential to waterproofing a foundation.
So for all your waterproofing needs call Mike’s Truck & Line-X.

LINE-X of Bay Area Protects Dublin San Ramon Water District Containers

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LINE-X of Bay Area Protects Dublin San Ramon Water District’s Containers

When it comes to protecting raw metal, steel, or wood nothing protects like LINE-X Platinum. Dublin San Ramon Water Districts just received two new containers. These containers are used to hold the waste when the city cleans the street drains. As one could imagine lots of rocks, sand, and tree branches find there way into city street drains which is hauled away. Because this container would be subject to lots of heavy debris LINE-X Platinum is perfect solution. This product has great flexibility and wear properties that will protect the container for years to come.

This job required two half days to complete. The first day was spent prepping the surface. The surface must be free from oil and rust to obtain a near white metal profile for LINE-X’s proprietary primer. The job surrounding site has been protected by heavy tarps to catch any waste or over spray. Once this is all setup the fun begins.


Surface prep to a near white metal.

Surface prep to a near white metal.


In the above photo all grease has been wiped off and the remaining residue washed with hot soapy water, rinsed with clean water. After the container is completely dry the team uses grinders to remove rust. Once this has been completed the entire area to be coated is primed. The photo below shows the container with primer.

Container has special primer

Container has special primer


This primer has a re-coat time between 12 – 24 hours. The project was complete the following day. The spec calls for 60 mils on the sides and heavier on the bottom. The bottom photo shows the completed project after removal of paper and plastic covering.


LINE-X Platinum coating

LINE-X Platinum coating

This container is ready for full service the following day.  Dublin San Ramon Water District receives the best protection available for their new containers. This protection is far superior than anything on the market today.


Call use today to discuss your commercial water-proofing needs. If it can be sprayed it can be saved… Water-proof with LINE-X!



LINE-X of Bay Area and Silicon Valley attend Sierra Trek 2016

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Spending Time in The Sierra’s for the 49th Annual Sierra Trek

Lot’s of good things going on in them thar mountains… LINE-X of Silicon Valley, LINE-X of Bay Area, and Mike’s Truck  attend this years Sierra Trek 2016.

During the past 40-plus years, Sierra Trek has attracted participants from around the world; it’s become an annual summer destination for generations of four wheelers.  Access to the Summit City base camp at Meadow Lake is suitable for campers, trailers, and motorhomes.

Meadow Lake

The base camp was complete with breakfast, dinner, huge fire pit, saloon, nightly music, vendors, hot showers and a whole lotta trucks, jeeps and families doing what folks have done for generations. Reunite with friends on a family friendly camping trip where the kids have as much fun as mom and dad. I was amazed on the number of kids that have attended the annual Sierra Trek event for as long as they are old.

Here’s a short video out on the trail at   Winch Hill #5 Video.

Our veterans were also honored by having a parade through the courtyard after very rugged trip up a trail that is so difficult a winch is required equipment. Fordyce Creek Trail has 5 areas called Winch Hills. That is, help is available should one need it.




Wounded Warrior event had veterans making the trek on Fordyce Creek Trail to Meadow Lake up some very difficult terrain and ending with a parade through the base camp court yard. As a veteran myself, I am so glad to finally see these young men honored on a frequent basis.

So as a So Cal guy who moved North in 91 and never ventured any further north than Truckee… I am glad I made this trip. The high meadows and plains of the Sierra’s are an area of California I will continue to explore.



LINE-X of Silicon Valley Provides Protection for Stanford’s Humanoid Robotic Diver

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LINE-X of Bay Area and LINE-X of Silicon Valley provide protection where it counts for Stanford’s Humanoid Robotic Diver – “Mermaid”

Stanford's Humanoid Robotic Diver

Stanford’s Humanoid Robotic Diver Blocks

Stanford’s Humanoid Robotic Diver started out as a box of blocks about a year ago and has just made world news.

Humanoid Blocks

High Density Foam Blocks

Stanford’s Ocean One is the first prototype of what may be a team of robotic divers that are currently controlled remotely.   The advancement of processor technology and software make automation a certainly.  It’s only a matter of time before one of Ocean One’s distant beta versions will be task driven from a daily software boot and able to work independently.



As far as we are concerned it started like so many other projects – hey can you coat these.  Well let’s backup, it started out – A couple of Stanford students walk into LINE-X of Silicon Valley as ask, can you coat this sample material?  Concerns are always, how well does the media handle temperatures of LINE-X heated to 180 which becomes even hotter as the exothermic reaction of the ‘A’ and ‘B’ parts are mixed at 1800 – 2500 psi. The cool thing about LINE-X is one can use anything to create the shape – foam, paper cups, light bulbs, card board boxes, etc. Once the item is coated LINE-X provides the structure and the substrate is no longer needed. FOX business channel just did a segment on how indestructible and flexible LINE-X is. It’s the elongation, adherence, and wear resistance that make it unique.  Because of these properties, specifically flexibility and adherence that make LINE-X an excellent choice for Ocean One’s exoskeleton.

Humanoid Blocks

Coated with LINE-X Platinum no color coat

Stanford's Humanoid Robotic Diver after color coat

Stanford’s Humanoid Robotic Diver after color coat

For Ocean One, LINE-X of Silicon Valley and LINE-X of Bay Area coated parts using LINE-X Platinum which is 3 times stronger than Standard and has better permeability properties(resists water intrusion).  Always great to see a project come together – congratulations Stanford, specifically, the computer science dept that drove this to completion! Remember, from one salvage diver to another – our charter is the safe retrieval of lost objects.



Stanford's Robotic Diver

Stanford’s Robotic Diver

Beach Trailer Better than New

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Didn’t this trailer turn out amazing?!! Before getting into the Mike’s Truck & LINE-X business, I would take one look at this trailer and think “it’s gonna take a lot of elbow grease to get this trailer back in shape”. How long do you think it would take? — imagine a lot of sanding, maybe sandblasting. Or if that doesn’t work, then get the proper power tools if you don’t have them. So that means a little shopping trip down to the local hardware store – finding those items. Just thinking about doing all of that makes you say to yourself… ‘maybe I’ll work on this next weekend’. Or ‘is this thing even worth making it like new?

AND… surprisingly, the story behind this trailer is that it is only 2 years old! The salt air in Pacifica had rusted out this trailer in no-time. One treatment of LINE-X solved the problem. Permanently. Now the trailer has a National Lifetime Guarantee with LINE-X.

As you can see, we removed the wood platform to get to the metal frame supports. We did have to prep, which means sanding and cleaning all metal surfaces, but that is all done in our Hayward shop. The Hayward location has a prep & spray stall large enough to work on a full size bus.

What do you have that might benefit from LINE-X protection?

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Join Us at GoodGuys Autumn Get-Together

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Stop by & See Us at GoodGuys Show

Mike’s Truck Accessories & Line-X
at the GoodGuys Autumn Get-Together
in Pleasanton, CA
Alameda County Fairgrounds!

AGT - Vendor Button 15

See you there Nov 14 & 15!

Lift Kit Installation Shopper Likes Mike’s Truck Ideas

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Here’s an email snippet from a lift kit installation shopper investigating different options.

Dodge Ram Linex and Lift



        Seriously bro. You’re a solid dude!  Thank you for the Kick Ass selection!  I’m naturally gunning for the last package you put together. It sounds pretty damn wicked.  I’m waiting for a loan approval and as soon as I get approved (fingers crossed) I’ll give you a call to get this ball rolling!  Your professionalism is above and beyond the other shops I talked to. Seriously….  Thanks in advance and I hope to be calling you soon with a green light!
I’m still slightly torn between the 6 and 8 inch suspension lifts.  I completely understood everything you said on our previous conversation but…… S#&*t.  I don’t know.  That’s all I can say.  Let me get this damn loan approved first before anything else.  Talk to you soon.

What a bad day Dad had!

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Yesterday was straight out of a chapter in  – Hop on POP by Dr Seuss for some Dad at Discovery Bay launch ramp. Hop on Pop  Specifically the chapter Stop you must not hop on POP – What a bad day Dad had.  The stories run from – he forgot to put the parking break on. He jump out and left it in gear – or –  the tires where wet – began to spin… let’s just say he went into the drink with the tires smoking.


Truck1Truck being recovered from launch ramp at Discovery Bay 

Playhouses Stanford Shopping Center

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Honey our lemonade budget just tripled. That’s exactly what will happen if you are one of the lucky bidders. With schools letting out for the summer your home will become the place. The playhouses at the Stanford Shopping Center are ready for new owners. The playhouses have been on display the last several weeks and soon will be a neighborhood attractions for years to come. Architects and Builders from around the bay area donated their skills and time to come up with some truly amazing designs with a common goal in mind – help local families.

LINE-X of Bay Area along with LINE-X of Silicon Valley worked with Pete Moffat Construction to protect the Galactic Guardian playhouse from all types of weather. The Galactic Guardian is one of twenty playhouses on display at the Stanford Shopping Center. The playhouses will be auctioned off June 6, 2015 with the proceeds going to charity helping needy families.

Since 1993, Stanford Shopping Center has co-sponsored and produced the biennial Dreams Happen event benefiting Rebuilding Together Peninsula. Playhouses have sold for amounts ranging from $13,000 to $101,000. Bidding typically begins at $5,000.


  • galactic271-page-001
  • galactic269-1-page-001
  • galactic266-page-001
  • galactic262-1-page-001

  • galactic271-page-001
  • galactic269-1-page-001
  • galactic266-page-001
  • galactic262-1-page-001

LINE-X of Bay Area Completes Full Body Coat — FINAL PHASE

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  • Van1
  • Van2

LINEX of Bay Area Full Body Van project is complete. In this last phase the final coat of LINE-X color was applied. Dark matte gray for the body and matte black on the rack. Then everything is put back together. The photos don’t really do it justice because this beast is really BAD ASS! in real life. But you get the idea.

Come in and see us at either the Santa Clara store or our fairly new Hayward store. Send us a picture to tell us about or bring in, your favorite sport vehicle, truck, or car and we can talk about some ideas about what we can do for you. Mike’s Truck & Linex sells over 20,000 truck accessories in addition to Line-X.

Mike’s Truck & LINE-X, Line-X of Bay Area, and Line-X of Silicon Valley are dedicated to your truck accessories and bed liner needs. Tailgate with us at the next SF 49er or Oakland Raider game!

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